Invitation to: A Discussion about Inclusive Beginnings

Invitation to: A Discussion about Inclusive Beginnings

The critical impact of educational experiences for young children has been well documented by research in recent years. Opportunities for children with special needs and learning challenges are even more important. How can parents ensure the most positive experiences possible for their child? How important is it that those experiences be inclusive?

NSACL is pleased to host an afternoon session focused on these and related questions. For example:
1) What is inclusive education?
2) Why is it important?
3) What should parents expect for their child in schools and classrooms?
4) How can parents be partners with teachers?
5) What is the role of parent advocacy groups?

Our guest resource person is Dr. Gordon L. Porter, C.M., O.N.B., the Director of Inclusive Education Canada. Gordon is recognized as an expert on inclusive education. He helped lead the development of inclusive schooling in New Brunswick, has taught courses on inclusive education at several universities, has acted as a senior policy advisor to the Ministries of Education in New Brunswick, the North West Territories and other Canadian provinces, and has advised governments in several other countries, most recently Dubai, Peru, Colombia and Portugal.

• Dr. Porter will share some key ideas about inclusive schooling and engage participants in dialogue.

Date: Thursday, June 22, 2017
Time: 1:00 – 3:00 pm
Location: TBD

Sponsored by the Nova Scotia Association for Community Living and Inclusive Education Canada.
For further information, contact NSACL:
Ruth Strubank, Executive Director
Phone: 902-469-1174 or Toll Free: 1-844-469-1174

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