Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving- Life Insurance

Good for your Estate Planning

As you may be aware, Federal Grants we received are being phased out by 2017 consequently, we need to become self-sustaining.

In 2014 we began providing informational “Snapshots” or meetings to 8-12 people twice a month.  Our objective is to engage community and share the work of NSACL in a 1 hour Snapshot held in our office.  These attendees then tell two friends…who tell two friends…who tell two friends which keeps our Snapshots full and allows us to reach a greater audience.

In the fall of each year, we hold a fundraiser that helps close the funding gap but we will always need more.

Did you know Life Insurance pledged to NSACL can be a very useful estate planner?  There are 3 ways you and NSACL can benefit from you naming the Association as your beneficiary:

  • Donating the policy to NSACL during your lifetime. Each year NSACL would issue a tax receipt for the amount of Premiums paid.
  • Donation through a Will. The estate will get a receipt for the amount noted in the will upon death.
  • Naming NSACL as your beneficiary will ensure the estate receives a tax receipt for the entire amount that can be used to offset taxes due.

Similar tax incentives are available for donating stock certificates as well as bonds. For more information, give Jean a call (902) 469-1174 and she can connect you with a CFP, Financial Planner