You Have the Right to Vote! Information and Participation Guide

In the 2015 Federal Election, Canadians with an intellectual disability and their families are calling for:
Access, Opportunity & Inclusion
750,000 Canadians with intellectual disabilities, and their millions more family members face almost insurmountable barriers to social and economic opportunity in their communities. The federal government has the policy levers to address this situation, yet:
► Pervasive poverty exists among adults with intellectual disabilities. Only 25% of people with intellectual disabilities are in the regular workforce, compared to 75% of the general population.
Fact: Almost 50% of adults with intellectual disabilities live on social assistance at working age.
► Lost economic productivity and income from labour force exclusion is mounting. For family members trying to juggle caregiving responsibilities and their paid jobs the loss is estimated at $1.3 billion annually.
Fact: Over 60% of parents with children with intellectual disabilities have to turn down employment, work fewer hours and/or turn down promotions.
► Access barriers in housing, education, training, the workplace, transportation, health care, community services and recreation continue to negatively impact health and social well-being.
Fact: People with intellectual disabilities are at higher risk of cancer and ill-health, twice as likely to have core housing need and four times more experience violence and abuse than the general population.
Download PDF of the Federal Election Five Point Plan

Get the Vote Out – 2015 Federal Election

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