Testimonials & Stories


“I learned so much from the NSACL and they taught me so much. I was able to fight because I knew that I had NSACL behind me. They were awesome! I would have been lost without them.”

– Mother, Yarmouth


“It’s just so important that we came together and pushed for inclusion – we called it integration at the time. That is how my child had a childhood that was not segregated. Parents have to be on-going in advocating for their children to be included. It’s not always easy…”

– Mom, Yarmouth


“NSACL invited me into a new promising world for my daughter.  Being part of this movement helped me to grow and learn as a parent and advocate.  I was finally able to dream for my daughter’s future that never would have happened, had NSACL not been part of our lives.”

– Parent, Dartmouth


“NSACL was where I was introduced to parents for the first time in a cross-disability context—since intellectual disability can cross many thresholds.  It gave me insight and compassion for other parents dealing with similar, yet, different challenges than I.  But it also made me realize how much we had in common, as parents, wanting only the very best for our children.”

– Father, Dartmouth


“In a last ditch effort I sent an email to everyone and anyone who may have known the answer to the question. The subject of my email said “A voice in the wilderness…” as that is how I felt. Lost and alone.  Out of 20 or so emails sent, I had only one reply. …. The Nova Scotia Association for Community Living. They gave me the information I needed. But more importantly, they let me know I wasn’t alone.”

– Mother, Valley


“The Nova Scotia Association for Community Living changed my life. Before I became involved with NSACL, our life was confusing and frustrating. So many of the things that you and I take for granted just were not possible. The system had us believing that something was wrong with us. I was encouraged to become part of the Community Living movement. I became a board member.  My life was forever changed. Rather than being isolated, our family was contributing. By going to Board of Director meetings and educational conferences, our family was able to gain the knowledge and the courage needed to advocate for ourselves.”

– Parent, Dartmouth


“The PATH, NSACL did for [our daughter] was a great idea.  She was able to move into the city and got a job like she wanted. She has come a long way.  She has opened up.  When she calls now you can’t get her to stop talking.”

– Parents, Hackett’s Cove


“I like being my own boss and having a place of my own.”
– Business owner with an intellectual disability, Canning


“I don’t want the labels that I have been given to be written down because the pen shouldn’t write down my shortcomings.”

– Person with a disability


“Without NSACL by my side and supporting me at many meetings I would have never had the courage to face all of the professionals, it would have been too intimidating.”

– Mother

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